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Brusselle Carral Marine NV”, located in Zeebrugge, is a leading company specialized in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining robust, medium to large winches and hydraulic steering gear tailored to our clients’ needs. Our customers including shipyards, shipowners, and port authorities, rely on our experience and expertise.

At Brusselle, we strive to closely collaborate with each customer, enabling us to provide tailor-made solutions perfectly suited to the specific requirements of each project. Whether it’s supplying new customized machines, overhaul projects, or global service activities, we have built a solid reputation as a reliable partner.

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Repair, overhaul and service worldwide

In-house engineering

New tailor-made winches and steering gear


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Reliable and high-quality winches for maritime operations requiring a minimum pulling force of 5 tons nominal are designed and built to order at Brusselle. In our engineering…

Steering Gear

Brusselle’s advanced steering gear and powerpacks, designed for reliability and optimal performance, are robust and meet the class requirements associated…


Our team of engineers and draftsmen forms the beating heart of our organization and prefers to take on challenging projects. Whether in new construction or…


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Brusselle is known for delivering high-quality and robust machinery. Our passion for top-quality mechanical parts and machines drives us to continually strive for improvement.

With a team that is flexible and dedicated, we are always ready to meet the needs of our customers. If you want to contribute to our growing success and further develop yourself in the field, don’t hesitate to contact us.