Brusselle BCM

1929: Establishment of Workshops
André Brusselle

In June 1929, the company “Workshops André Brusselle” was founded and established itself on the quays of Nieuwpoort. In 1929, the company was mainly specialized in the manufacture of compact fishing winches destined for Belgian fishing boats sailing in the ports of, among others, Nieuwpoort, Ostend, and Zeebrugge. Brusselle’s fishing winches were commercially named “Neptune winches”.

1957: New Company Name:
Brusselle Marine Industries

During the 1950s, large fishing winches were also added to the product range. In 1957, the company’s name changed to Brusselle Marine Industries. During the 1950s and 1960s, ship deck equipment such as hydraulic anchor winches and steering gears were also developed and supplied.

2008: Sale to a Dutch investment group

In 2008, Brusselle Marine Industries was sold to a Dutch investment group. Brusselle continued to deliver the same range of reliable products, with a number of very large projects being realized between 2007 and 2012.

2014: Relocation to Zeebrugge

In 2014, the Dutch investment group sold the engineering and project knowledge to the current company “Brusselle Carral Marine,” established in Zeebrugge. Only a limited number of production machines and equipment were acquired by the current shareholders.

Design and aftersales services continued, while production was reorganized by the shareholders’ companies DMG Holland from IJmuiden and Gardec from Zeebrugge. The complete range of products, spare parts, and aftersales service that has since emerged is still being offered.

2021: Brusselle and the Gardec group

The integration within the Gardec Group is being further expanded. Where Gardec has been providing supportive services such as HR, IT, and accounting in collaboration with Brusselle since 2014, now the marketing plan is also being meticulously outlined in close consultation. Marketing and communication efforts are jointly approached and executed, especially during trade shows and events. As partners and immediate neighbors in the port of Zeebrugge, Brusselle and Gardec fully leverage their proximity to showcase their strengths and demonstrate the synergy between the companies even more effectively. The collaboration with DMG Holland, which grants access to experienced mechanics, remains a crucial growth factor for Brusselle in both new construction and service assignments, where flexibility and expertise are invaluable.

Mission & vision

This is where we excel


The pursuit of quality begins with the engineering team, where highly precise drafting and calculation work is expected. The expertise and flexibility of the BCM team enable the development, design, and implementation of tailor-made solutions for our customers. Whether for new winches and steering gear or for the overhaul and revision of existing ones, customized solutions are crafted. This approach allows us to adapt to the ever-evolving market, standards, sustainability requirements, emissions, and performance demands.

Providing first-class service to our customers is our dedicated focus, with pride in the products and services we deliver. Thus, considerable attention is paid to the quality and reliability of the components and spare parts used.

We strive daily to uphold the “Brusselle” label and fulfill the recognition of “Brusselle” quality in design, production, and service. Our commitment to quality is affirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate, which monitors our pursuit of good engineering, execution, and quality control.

Pursuing quality demands effort from the BCM team, but we also set high standards for our partners. Partnerships are cultivated with care and mutual respect, whether with suppliers, agents, installation firms, certification bodies, or service points.

Thanks to years of expertise, flexibility, and partnerships, BCM is capable of delivering a qualitative and competitive offering to the global maritime market, always in compliance with applicable regulations and customer requirements.

Tailor-made solutions with years of expertise


BCM aims to be perceived and recommended as a reliable partner within the maritime sector.

We aspire to become the Preferred Partner for global shipping companies, shipyards, and port authorities for medium to large winches (with pulling force ranging from 50 to 2,500 kN) and electro-hydraulic steering gear (with torque ranging from 30 to 3,000 kNm) of high quality, both for new construction and for revision and service activities.

Our quality policy is an integral part of the overall business policy. We strive for continuous improvement of processes, high employee satisfaction, and high customer satisfaction.


Get to know our team

Jochen Cobbaert
Steering gear engineering
Responsible operations

Joeri Cobbaert
Commercial operations & marketing

Marino Colautti
Winches engineering

Gilles Vandenbroele
Service engineer

Benoit Sercu
Winches and steering gear engineering

Sophie De Proft

Jan Vandamme

Julie De Baerdemaeker
HR & marketing


Growing with Reliable Partners

Brusselle, along with Gardec (Zeebrugge) and DMG Holland BV (Ijmuiden), collaborates closely, among others, to ensure that winches and steering gears are installed correctly on the customer’s vessel. DMG Holland BV and Gardec, both VCA certified, also serve as official service points for Brusselle winches and steering gears.

Thanks to these partnerships, Brusselle succeeds in responding promptly and efficiently to urgent repairs.


Located in Zeebrugge, Gardec is one of the largest shipyards along the Belgian coast. Specializing in the repair, maintenance, and renovation of vessels of various types and sizes, Gardec focuses on engineering, welding, and mechanics, aiming to be a highly qualified service partner for both offshore and onshore constructions.

In addition to providing service (24/7) and repairs, Gardec also undertakes complete new construction projects, including heavy metal structures, new engine room construction, ship outfitting, pontoon and industrial construction, as well as offshore projects.

Gardec has been the official ABC agent for over 25 years and carries out dozens of maintenance interventions annually on ships with ABC engines.


DMG Holland

DMG Holland BV has been active in the industry and shipping since 1963, possessing the capacity and quality for the construction, assembly, maintenance, and repair of pipelines, fittings, pumps, gearboxes, conveyors, loading and unloading cranes, and winches. In the maritime sector, DMG Holland’s efficiency and effectiveness pay off, as a ship must return to sea or service as quickly as possible.