Net and Cable Guidance Systems

At Brusselle, we don’t just offer advanced winches; we also provide tailor-made systems for the perfect spooling of cables, ropes, and fishing nets. Our systems are designed to ensure seamless operation, even under the most demanding conditions.

The cable guidance systems mounted on or integrated into the winches are specifically tailored to the winch’s application. Integration with the winch’s control system allows for easy operation, maximizing the efficiency of winch operations.

In the case of wide drums on the winch, a cable guidance system is necessary to prevent the cable from accumulating on one side of the drum. For example, when designing tow winches and fishing winches, Brusselle engineers determine whether a cable guidance system should be incorporated. There are various options, ranging from an automatic system to a manual hydraulic system. The system can be operated from the bridge or the deck using joysticks.

The guidance system can also be installed as a separate unit for the winch, which is useful for existing winches. In this case, the device consists of a trolley with vertical rollers moved by hydraulic cylinders that can be remotely controlled.

Adjustable speed

Net guiders up to 12 m long

Software included

Net Guiding / spooling device

A net guider ensures smooth winding and unwinding of fishing nets, minimizing net wear. Additionally, the ship consumes less fuel during net operations with the net guide, as less maneuvering is required during the operation.

This spooling device is constructed robustly to withstand the forces exerted by the nets on the guiding rollers. The net guider consists of two independently adjustable vertical rollers mounted on a rail system. Each vertical roller is mounted on a carriage or trolley acting as a net guiding unit on wheels, protected by a cover and equipped with a bumper. The rollers are operated from the bridge or the deck. Brusselle also designs and supplies the electrical control panel and operating panel/panels as part of the complete system.